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Avril Lavigne

This talented Canadian singer was born on September 27, 1984, in Ontario. She appeared in show biz in 2002 with her Multi-platinum album “Let Go”. Avril first started singing in the church. In 2000 she signed with Arista Records. In two years the world saw her famous album “Let Go”. The hit “Complicated” was the most popular from the list and occupied No.1 Top charts in many countries. She sold almost 15 million copies of it worldwide. She didn’t stop and continued with the albums “Under My Skin”, “The Best Damn Thing”, and “Goodbye Lullaby”. In 2013 she released a self-titled album. These four albums brought the singer worldwide fame due to the hits “Complicated”, “I’m With You”, “Girlfriend”, “Nobody’s Home”, “When You’re Gone”. Her “Complicated” got a lot of positive responses from the critics. It climbed No.1 in Australia and became the best-selling single in Canada in 2002. It also got Grammy Awards and Juno Award in 2003. The track “Girlfriend” was sold in more than 7 million copies worldwide. The singer also established “The Avril Lavigne Foundation” to help disabled children. Awolnation Awolnation is a popular electronic rock band from the USA. Aaron Bruno formed and currently fronts the group. They are signed to Red Bull Records. The band is best known for the single “Sail”, which occupied No. 82 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart. It also climbed to No.30 on Billboard Alternative Songs chart. Moreover, it became platinum in the USA. It also became double platinum in the neighboring Canada. They say the track was written just for fun and no one expected it to get such a huge success. The song was used for various shows, including “The Good Wife.” It became even more popular, after sounding during BMW’s Olympic Opening Ceremony. In 2011, Awolnation released their first debut album “Megalithic Symphony”. It consists of 14 tracks, such as “Sail”, “Kill Your Heroes”, “Not Your Fault”. The song “Burn It Down” was used for an episode of “Sons of Anarchy”. Their track “All I Need” appeared in the first episode of “Common Law”. In 2015, Awolnation released their second album “Run”. Later this year they performed on Conan.