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Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse had a brief but tragic career, that is testified by each of her songs. She appeared as a successful British singer, with a good soul and jazz influence. Her first success ‘Rehab’ was strongly influenced by her own life experience. Winehouse’s career is characterized by a lot of scandals and public relationships, difficult personal years and not very productive times. Add to this the serious addiction problems and you will understand the tragic destiny of this very talented singer. Each of her songs are telling a story about her life: drugs in ‘Addicted’, fighting with drinking ‘Rehab’ or the relationship problems ‘Stronger than Me’. Her appeal was less her public presence, but her special voice, unusual but strong enough to impress a variety of audiences. The British public considered her a tragic Billie Holliday, that tried as much as possible to expand her art of music and the coverage of her talent. She played with the same success jazz, rock, hip-hop and even Motown. Her life was a pursuit of love and accomplishment that were not possible during her short and tragic lifetime.