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This is one of the most famous rap band, that enjoys the status of a cult. It got started by an MC from Oakland, passionate about the beats of the digital underground. With a lot of work and passion, it jumped on the charts as one of the most successful solo artists and equally as a very talented actor. The first album ‘2Pacalypse Now’ was released in 1991 and was followed by a couple of presences in movies such as ‘Poetic Justice’ and ‘Juice’. In between, he had some time to prepare a next album, where he included ‘I Get Around’ that will be a kind of the official anthem of the artist, as well as ‘Keep Your Head Up’, a famous story about sisters struggling for recognition and supremacy. With such an expansive portfolio, no wonder that he was becoming as one of the celebrities of our times. Besides the musical career, he got a lot of media coverage for various legal problems. For instance, 1994 was a very busy year for him, not only because he launched his new album ‘Thug Life’, but equally because he got convicted of sexual assault and also was shot several times during some fights in NYC. He went to spend some time in jail, but during his time spent in prison, he released a new album ‘Me Against the World’ that was shortly becoming a no. 1 song. Suge Knight helped him to get a bail and thus he went out of prison. He used his time wisely releasing the first hip-hop double album ‘All Eyez On Me’ where he included the famous hit ‘California Love’. For this album he received a multiplatinum. His troubles with the law and other local tugs continued and on September 7, 1996, he was shot in Las Vegas and died six days later. The explanations around his death were diverse, and many conspirationist theories were launched as his murder was not solved. His career continued posthumously, especially in 1999 when the compilation ‘Changes’ was launched.